5th SCOM Meeting of the DARLINGe Project

The 5th SCOM meeting of DARLINGe project, hosted by Geological Survey of the Republic of Srpska, was held in Ethno village Stanišić from 6-7 February 2019. The project is focused on increasing of the deep geothermal systems utilisation in heating purpose.

The meeting gathered 15 partners from 6 participating countries: Serbia, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In its third year the project was focused on realisation of work packages 6 and 7, related with preparation of the Geothermal Strategy of the region and decision tree tools. Draft of the Strategy was presented and discussed by parties as well as decision tree included benchmarking, risk mitigation, geothermal modelling and UNFC-2009 classification application.

During the first meeting day water samples in wells GD-2 (Slobomir) and S-1 (Dvorovi) for isotope analyses (14C, d13C, 87Sr/86Sr, δ2H and δ18O) were taken. The analyses of the water will be used for comparison of isotope content of the above mentioned wells with those taken in Bogatić area (Serbia) to try to define do this waters belong to same transboundary thermal aquifer.

Also, during the second meeting day site visit to Slobomir geothermal project was arranged for participants with the aim to introduce them with this huge and very interest geothermal project with cascade thermal water utilization.

Next project meeting is scheduled for April 2019 in Harkany, Hungary. The project will be officially finished in October 2019

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